Lightbeam Pictures is a national photography studio with a portfolio that extends through corporate, aviation, events, sport, performance, architecture, product and nature photography. Since 2018 Lightbeam Pictures has further expanded into a marketing agency with creative stategy, production and implementation.

Our core values stem from our founders's story.

"My passion for photography started when I was a kid. I remember running after an exotic bird through the mud and rain clutching my camera. After a long chase through the bushland, I finally caught a snapshot of the bird as it disappeared out of sight. I returned muddied and scratched, but I returned with a new passion to capture great moments... meaningful moments...

Years later I founded Lightbeam Pictures, a business driven to creating and supporting meanfingful, authentic productions. An agency driven to bring themes and stories that resonate with audiences. With this philosophy we can approach our clients' needs with an unshakable drive to create the best product we can."

Eamonn Walker, Founder & Director of Photography

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